Heidi Mraz

Automotive Fine Artist

BMW Isetta 3 4

Every Car Has a Story…

It’s true, just ask any car aficionado or collector. Hello, I’m Heidi Mraz, conceptual artist, visual storyteller, car enthusiast. I’m best known for my intricate collages of significant automobiles that convey a car’s aesthetic and historical importance through my surprising treatment of automotive magazines and memorabilia.

Cars Are My Muse

I have always been fascinated by cars, not just as a means of travel, but as an art form and a connection to our past. Their unique styles, engineering and history have always intrigued me. Driving a car is both a personal and a universal experience. The sound of the engine, the smell of gasoline, the feel of the road- experiences we all share. My art intersects these moments in a surprising visual narrative that aims to stop viewers in their tracks and then steer them in an entirely new direction.