Driven By A Passion To Create

A few summers ago I was scheduled for a solo exhibit at a local café. While grateful for the opportunity, August in Great Falls is a ghost town, except for a 2 hour window every Saturday morning. That’s when hundreds of car enthusiasts flock to Katie’s Cars & Coffee to see what classic and rare cars might turn up. Knowing that patrons don’t come to see art, I needed a clever way to grab attention and create a buzz about my work. After exploring the paradox between order & chaos, I decided to craft my car portraits from a palette of ripped car magazines instead of traditional paint. To add an element of surprise, I meticulously engineered each car to look like a photograph, at first glance, instead of a bed of ripped paper. This optical illusion caught many viewers so off guard that it triggered a rush of endorphins and, as it turned out, I had created a buzz – literally. My exhibit was a huge success and my art sold swiftly. Today, my exclusive car collages continue to rev up adrenaline by celebrating the beauty, speed and provenance of the world’s most iconic cars.

Artist Biography

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art and Visual Communications from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. In 1983, I founded HP Productions, Inc., a visual production firm, in Washington DC, that tailored film and video services to top Fortune 50 companies including AT&T, General Motors, Exxon, Ford and General Electric. Following a successful career as a producer and art director, I turned my creative energies to fine art and along the way, a handful of other artists helped establish Great Falls Studios — a consortium of artists that is over 100 members strong. In 2007, I took up studio residence at the Artist’s Atelier in Great Falls with 14 other artists and taught workshops in photography and Photoshop at the Great Falls School of Art. My artwork has been featured in many solo and group exhibitions, in various art magazines, newspapers and galleries, and I am represented in both corporate and private collections in the US and abroad. Today, I work from my studio space at 717 Walker Road in Great Falls, Virginia.

So Far...

Magazines Recycled
Torn Pages
Cups of Coffee

Studio and Gallery

My studio and gallery are located in the heart of Great Falls, Virginia, just outside of Washington, DC. Here, I create wall art that is meant to be approached. It is difficult to experience the surprising nature of my collage art on a small screen display. If you would  like to see my work in person, please contact me to schedule a gallery visit.

 My gallery is open by appointment.


My passion for painting all things automotive is fueled by an endless source of inspiration that is just around the bend from my studio. Most Saturday mornings from 7:00 am to 9:00 am, I can be found at Katie’s Cars & Coffee where I am sure to have a camera in one hand and a mocha latte in the other. Stop by and say hi!

Art Takes A Village

A special thank you to all my car buddies that keep me entertained with their stories and knee-deep in automotive ephemera including car magazines, auction catalogs, parts catalogs and more. Please contact me if you have automobile collateral that you would like to donate.