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Celebrate The Passion

The perfect composition is one that is personal, eye-catching and memorable.

There are few things in life that evoke feelings of pure joy. I don’t think that any enthusiast or collector would argue that cars are high on that list. Now, imagine being able to capture all the excitement of your automobile in an exclusive one-of-a-kind masterpiece collage! A collage commission that is handcraft specifically to celebrate and frame your vehicle’s journey in an extraordinary way. A surprisingly feel good work-of-art that can be enjoyed and talked about for many years to come.

The big picture is nothing without the details.

I fuel my automotive art with richly layered content that reveals the car’s unique character.

My automotive collage art is complex and sophisticated, balancing beauty, history and narrative. Built from a palette of hand torn test notes, historical data, schematics, magazines, photos and more, the finished artwork is a virtual scrapbook of the car’s storied past.  Prices vary depending on scope of the project, which could include a photography session, client interviews, vehicle research, and document digitization and printing.

Mraz Allard Commission

Mraz Allard Cut Detail

Interested in Commissioning
a Fine Art Car Collage?

Please send me a message with a few details about your car: make, model, year, and color. I will review it and contact you to define the project criteria and provide you with a detailed quote, including cost and time-frame. If you decide to move forward and upon receipt of a deposit, I’ll begin to craft a meaningful, one-of-a-kind car collage created specifically for you.